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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Jose Rizal, Filipino at iba pa

Minsan ay tiningnan ko sa wikipedia.org kung anong nakatala tungkol kay Jose Rizal. Ilang ulit na binigyang diin na si Rizal ay nagbuhat sa lahing Tsino/Intsik. Sa aking pagkakaunawa ay mas pinahalagahan ni Rizal ang kanyang pagiging Filipino. Ang pagtatanggol sa mga Indio (bansag ng mga Kastila sa mga Pilipino), at itinuring at tinanggap niya ang sarili na isang Filipino at hindi Filipino-Chino. Malayung malayo sa karamihan ng mga kababayan natin ngayong nagmula sa lahing Tsino/Intsik na halos ipagsigawan na sila ay:

"100% Chinese"
"25% Chinese"
"69.5% Chinese"

Isa sa naging layunin ng La liga Filipina, na isa si Rizal sa nagtatag, ay ang mapag-isa ang buong kapuluan ng Pilipinas sa isang Bansa. Isang Bansa na may mga mamamayan, mamamayang Pilipino. Naniniwala ako na isa sa mahalagang bahagi ng pagbuo ng isang Bansa ay ang pagtanggap sa sarili na isang mamamayan ng bayang binubuo. Ang pagsasaisang tabi ng pangkat/lahi na pinagmulan upang magkaisa sa layuning makabuo ng isang bayan. Hindi ibig sabihin nito ay kalimutan ng tuluyan ang kalinangang kinagisnan. Ngunit paanong magkakaroon ng isang bayan kung palagiang bibigyan ng diin ang pagiging Tsino, Malay o anumang pangkat/lahi na pinagmulan?

Marami ngang kompanya at produkto na ipinagsisigawang sila ay Filipino. Ngunit pag sinuri mong mabuti ay ang tawag ng mga may-ari sa sarili nila ay, Filipino-American, Filipino-Chinese, Filipino-Japanese..... Marami naman sa atin na mga karaniwang mamamayan ang nagsasabing tayo ay Pinoy, ngunit mas pinahahalagahan ang pagiging Tagalog, Bisaya, Ilocano.....

Kailan nga ba natin matatanggap na tayo ay Pilipino?
|| nilaga ni qroon, 3:45 PM

2 Ang nakihigop:

Hrmm, for me, I don't give a thingie if you are from what race, as long as you are a well mannered person, a fair citizen, you don't smell bad and you are pleasing to the eyes, It's ok. Well my point is having grown in a place where there's a lot of mixture of races, I have grown accustomed with it. For me, it doesn't matter if you are a half half or half whatever. The problem with the Filipino culture is that they have this thought that people coming over their country is depriving them of what they should be having. For example in the case of Lucio Tan and Henry Sy, these people are Chinese, but have grown up here in the Philippines. They have given jobs to a lot of Filipino's, generated income to the country and have contributed well to the society. But then again, when the labor unions are not happy, they'd turn their back at these people, calling them names. Amongst "Chinese" people, you'd hear a joke, "If all Chinese businessman here in the Philippines would go back to China and bring their investment with them, what would the Philippines be like?" Well I know it's crap, but this kind of liners are there. It's good to be a mix of something, it brings out variance and novelty. Plain is cool, but a little something on the side is much cooler. Chinita girls are cute, I'm sure you'd always been thinking of fucking them with their panties on while they scream in contentment. These chinitas are "kutis porcelana". So aren't you glad there's "100% Chinese", "25% Chinese", "69.5% Chinese", "Filipino-Chinese" lurking in our malls and bars hehehe.

Just my 2 cents, coz it's late and am hungry.

Once again, another good post by Mr. Qroon himself, keep up the nice thoughts.

Your Avid Fan,

Blogger Uber, at 5:26 PM  

The weblog entry above was never meant to be a racial slur nor an attempt to despise any Filipino of different ethnicity. In fact, I have befriended other Filipnos of different racial origins. Maybe you will agree with me that race/ethnicity must not be a hindrance in rebuilding, or in our case building, of a nation. I do not want to succomb to the idea that this territory we call Philippines is meant to be just a country without a nation.

My weblog entry was perhaps a poor attempt to encourage a conciousness of building the Filipino Nation.
Blogger qroon, at 9:40 AM  

Makihigop na!